For years, we’ve wanted to do an End to End walk of Great Britain. We hiked a reasonable chunk of the length of Scotland in glorious spring weather on the Cape Wrath Trail, and travelled the length of northern England in the depths of winter on the Pennine Way. What could be more natural than to want to join up these routes, and then carry on as far as we could go?
The idea of also walking Ireland from end to end was a later idea, an adventure into the unknown on our doorstep. Will there be any footpaths we can follow, or will we end up hiking on tarmac for a month? Will there be anywhere good to camp, or will we end up with a choice of bogs or fields? With no guidebook to guide us and no established route to follow, it is an idea more than a plan, and as such will be a new type of challenge for us. We’ll be making it up as we go along!