By the time we arrived in Oregon, we were more than half way from Mexico to Canada. Feeling fitter, faster, and more confident that we might actually complete the hike, we enjoyed hiking long days through mountain forests, being rewarded with occasional views of the volcanoes of the Cascade Mountains.

On the Oregon Trail

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At last! After 1700 miles of hiking in California, we have now crossed over into Oregon. The walking is easier so we’ve been doing good miles – we’ve covered 100 miles in four days since leaving Ashland. It’s taken its toll on our feet though, so today we’re aiming for … Read More

2000 miles!!!

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We never thought we’d get this far. Back in February, when Neil’s plantar fasciitis was giving him hell, and I couldn’t even walk across the road without spasms of pain down my back, we didn’t think we’d make it to mile 100. But – here we are, 2000 miles in, … Read More