Hiking from coast to coast across Scotland is a popular challenge, which hundreds of people attempt every May as part of the TGO Challenge event, using various routes of around 200 miles. We had a window of opportunity in February 2019, and decided to give it a go. While we didn’t succeed, we were glad we tried, as it provided some vivid memories and useful lessons. We would love to have another attempt, but maybe at a time of year when the weather and conditions are likely to be a bit kinder!

A premature end

Well, I’m sorry to say that after two and a half days of really brutal hiking, we have quit the trail. Progress was simply too difficult, too slow and too strenuous. Hiking through deep snow was exhausting, and if anything had gone wrong I doubted that we would have had … Read More

Drovers Inn

We’re on our way! Two days later than planned, thanks to us both coming down with flu during the week. But we’re feeling a bit better, so have taken the plunge and driven north to the Drovers Inn at Inverarnan, just north of Loch Lomond. Luckily the outside temperature has … Read More