All geared up!

Feeling incredibly grateful right now for all the support I’m getting for this adventure! First of all, a huge enormous thank you to everyone who has sponsored me to do this hike and donated to Cancer Research UK. I really appreciate it, it’s a great cause, and the more sponsorship … Read More

A premature end

Well, I’m sorry to say that after two and a half days of really brutal hiking, we have quit the trail. Progress was simply too difficult, too slow and too strenuous. Hiking through deep snow was exhausting, and if anything had gone wrong I doubted that we would have had … Read More

Drovers Inn

We’re on our way! Two days later than planned, thanks to us both coming down with flu during the week. But we’re feeling a bit better, so have taken the plunge and driven north to the Drovers Inn at Inverarnan, just north of Loch Lomond. Luckily the outside temperature has … Read More

Dummy run

Just back from our little trial excursion onto the trail, and pleased to report that we really liked it! It is rough, rocky and spiky underfoot, it’s so hot and windy that it feels like you’re walking under a hairdryer, but it is beautiful. We only walked about 4 miles … Read More

Crazy Cook to Hachita

The hike has begun! On Saturday at 6.30am, ten excited hikers piled into two enormous pick-up trucks rented by the Continental Divide Trail Coalition, and we headed for the Mexican border. Four hours later (with the last three on dirt roads) we arrived at Crazy Cook Monument. After the obligatory … Read More

Hachita to Lordsburg

We’ve just finished the first stage of our hike, and we’re really hoping it might get a little easier soon! We arrived back into Lordsburg at 6.30 last night, the first 85 miles of trail successfully completed. Neil was still smugly blister-free (if a little footsore), while I was limping … Read More

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