Milishevc to Babino Polje

Talking to one of the guided groups staying at the guest house in Doberdol, we were surprised that even though they had chosen the “Peaks of the Balkans Tour” itinerary from their tour operator, this didn’t include all of the three day section from Milishevc to Babino Polje. Their tour … Read More

Cerem to Milishevc

Well, we learnt that lesson the hard way! When I wrote my last blog entry, we were enjoying the generosity of our Albanian hosts on a “home stay”, and when we asked about price we were told “tomorrow”. Well, tomorrow came and the price for lunch, dinner and breakfast was … Read More

Eve of departure

At last, I think we’re ready to go! And not before time, Shkoder is getting way too hot, and although the beer and food is good and cheap we are starting to feel the need for some exercise to burn it all off! So we were very relieved when our … Read More

A Balkans Adventure

It went without saying that after hiking England’s South West Coast Path that Neil and I would go hiking together. We reckoned we could live off our savings for another month before biting the bullet and looking for work. But where to go without blowing all our savings? We needed … Read More