2000 miles!!!

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We never thought we’d get this far. Back in February, when Neil’s plantar fasciitis was giving him hell, and I couldn’t even walk across the road without spasms of pain down my back, we didn’t think we’d make it to mile 100. But – here we are, 2000 miles in, three quarters of the way from Mexico to Canada. Chuffed? Definitely. Smug? No chance, we’ve still got 660 miles to go, and we daren’t count our chickens before they’ve hatched.

It’s been a great week of hiking since Crater Lake. Some easy hiking through forest – gentle gradients, soft underfoot but limited views. But we’ve also had some stunning panoramas of volcanoes and lava flows. We even went up one of the volcanoes, Mount Thielsen, as a side trip – possibly the pointiest mountain we’ve ever been up, with a short section of rock climbing at the top which was great fun. Whereas walking across the lava flows was just hard work!

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  1. shelly

    Way to go you guys! When do you thing you'll hit Washington? Walk safe and have fun.

  2. Because They're There

    You look like you could do with a good scrub, my lad. They might let you in the New Inn at Marton looking like that, but nowhere else, I think.
    Keep going. Alen McF