We’ve done it!

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We've done it! Not sure of our exact mileages, but after hiking about 500 miles from the most southwesterly to the most northerly point of Ireland, and about 1300 miles from John o'Groats, the most northerly settlement in Scotland to England's most southwesterly point at Land's End, we've finally finished.
Quite tired, rather pleased, but also a little sad that it's over.
We'll do another post tomorrow about the final stage of our walk along the South West Coast Path, but right now a wee celebration is called for!

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  1. Andy Hall
    | Reply

    Belated congratulations. Gave some money to shelter box. Walked section around Tintagel and port Isaac last week. Lots of up and down!

  2. Adam S
    | Reply

    Congratulations to you both, really enjoyed reading your blog.

  3. Roz Savage
    | Reply

    Congratulations!!! Fantastic news. Not sure who those two very suntanned, very fit people in the photo are though – do I know them?! 😉

  4. Unknown
    | Reply

    Well done, Tanya and Neil! Looking forward to seeing some more pictures, and hope to see you both before too long. Love and hugs, Mum.

  5. Andy Chapman
    | Reply

    Good effort, both of you!!

  6. Harland
    | Reply

    Well done, looking forward to seeing more wonderful photos. Mike (We met at Forest View Inn, Byrness)

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