Connemara – going the long way round

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Which way to go through Galway and Sligo, that was the question. John and Patrick, sat at the bar in the pub in Kinvarra, were in no doubt - the spectacular scenery of Connemara was not to be missed. But it was a big diversion, and we had a better idea than them of the amount of foot pain involved ...

But we had committed to taking the scenic route through Ireland, so what the hell. The memories and the photos would last longer than the pain.

So we took the long long walk round Galway Bay for a night in Galway City, then headed north to Oughterard and into Connemara. The weather was good, the scenery was gorgeous, and the feet - well, there's always ibuprofen.


Going towards Maam



Loch na Fuaiche




5 Responses

  1. John Poppe

    You are right, we forget the pain involved and enjoy the memories again and again. Great photos!

  2. Anonymous

    I have a bottle – you can sample it when you get home!

  3. john

    Ibuprofen is just a vitamin.

  4. Anonymous

    Did you go to the distillery?

    • abitofawalk

      No, but the Connomara Peated Single Malt does sound good