Kindness in Killarney

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You know you're thru-hiking when you accidentally end up in a rather posh restaurant, dressed in your waterproof trousers and the thermal top you've slept in for the past 4 nights because all your other clothes are in the wash! So you put on your best manners and hope nobody notices the rustling and the whiff. What you don't expect is that after telling the waitress that you're raising funds for Shelterbox , that they give you one of your meals for free! Thank you Bricin's, the chowdar was lovely, and we'll donate the price of that meal to Shelterbox.


2 Responses

  1. John Poppe

    Nice place and a comp meal.

  2. Unknown

    Great scenery, and you both look good – must have been that free meal that encouraged you on your way. Rita S.