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Well, I guess it was bound to happen. I post a blog entry about how hard the hiking is and immediately it gets easier. So hopefully by posting about bad weather, we should be in for some solid sunshine ... we're still waiting ... 
But really the walking has got easier. Yesterday we hiked 30 miles from the top of Glen Feshie, all the way down Glen Tilt to Blair Atholl. The scenery was great, conditions underfoot mostly very good (apart from 3 very "refreshing" river crossings!) and the lure of a proper meal and beer in Blair Atholl too hard to resist! 
Still, it felt good to only have to do 9 miles today to get into Pitlochry, where we're waiting for delivery of Neil's new boots. Come on Cotswold Outdoors, we need to keep walking !!!
Upper Glen Feshie
Lonesome Caledonian Pine
Crossing river Tilt
Upper Glen Tilt
Glen Tilt
Hutton's Locality on the river Tilt


River Garry

4 Responses

  1. John Poppe

    Great pictures, you guys make me feel like I'm hiking with you.

  2. Simon White

    Glen Tilt looks great

  3. Jayne

    Great to meet you guys at the bothy on Saturday – hope you got peace to sleep! You've got us planning our next trip now….
    Best of luck with the rest of the walk and let me know if you want any Te Araroa information. Jayne & Kev (and Ben)

  4. Andy Hall

    I was in Glen tilt on bikes last autumn. Nice easier trails from now on. Weather set to improve