Quick march

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A bit late in the day, maybe, but last night we worked out how many miles it is along our route, the Scottish National Trail, to the English border. The answer: 580 miles. A bit longer than expected! We need to allow for a rest day or two between here and Land's End, so in order to finish in time for me to be back at work on 14th July, we've set ourselves a daily minimum of 20 miles. Hard work, particularly with all the cross-country we're doing at the moment, but hopefully do-able!

Anyway, here are some photos from between the Crask Inn and Loch Broom - as you can see, the weather has been interesting!



3 Responses

  1. Unknown

    Looks as though a boat would be handy in some places! Mum

  2. Andy Hall

    Looks like tough going in Northern Scotland, poor paths. Does this mean you will be near border in early June

    • Tanya Savage

      Poor paths? Paths are a luxury item round here, a lot of it is completely pathless cross country especially further north.
      We're hoping to get to the border about 23rd May – give or take a day or two, but aiming for 23rd as it's my birthday – hoping 2 causes for celebration will persuade Neil to splash out on a B&B!