North from Mizen Head

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About 40 km walked so far - had an unintentionally long day yesterday, blustery Mizen Head to Durrus, and today we've reached Bantry, where we're enjoying good coffee and internet access. Weather mixed - incredibly blustery overnight, now sunshine and showers. Lovely views coming over the Sheep's Head Peninsula this morning. Walking is mostly on small roads, not much traffic, good views but hard on the feet!



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  1. Roz Savage

    Thought you might like to know about this – a new long distance hiking trail (a mere 323 miles) opening up in Europe this summer.

  2. Simon White

    Glad to see you have a 'robust' tent! Looks like a voyager, had images of you under a very breezy tarp! Looks good so far….

  3. Roz Savage

    Oops, Havisham, not Haversham. Literary ignoramus that I am….

  4. Roz Savage

    Howard and I were in Bantry last summer for the West Cork Literary Festival. We had an unprecedented 5 straight days of sunshine. They assured us that was most unusual!

    You've no doubt already moved on, but if you'd had the time and energy (and for any one else who is reading) Bantry House is gorgeous, with amazing views and beautiful grounds. It's a semi-ruin, but they're gradually restoring it and turning it into a B&B. Quite a remarkable place in Miss Haversham kind of a way!

  5. Andy Hall

    Don't worry, weather no better here