One chilly night!

Testing our tarp tent Last night we tried out our new tarp tent – a silicon-coated nylon skin with a mosquito net inner. It only weighs a kilo and sets up with two walking poles. It’s not really designed for the British climate though, chilly in the night and heavy condensation this … Read More

Packing at last

After months of list-making and weeks of shopping, the time has finally come to throw everything into battered old suitcases. My lightweight rucksack is far too delicate to get thrown onto a plane on its own, hence the case. Here’s Neil in our yard, moments before it started to rain … Read More

Not long now …

Just 8 days to go before we hand over our house to our tenants, Graham and Phil, and so much to do! There’s been some last minute shopping as a result of the 11th hour warm weather training – lighter everything required. Still need to figure out how to attach … Read More

Sunny California

Here we are in San Diego, California, and it’s …raining. And windy. But we don’t start walking until Monday, so we are hoping it improves! We had planned to mail our waterproof trousers, ice axes and crampons to ourselves a long way up the trail, but are now carrying full … Read More

Last minute nerves

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Finally, we are ready to go, rucksacks are packed and weighed and our ‘lightweight’ approach has been found wanting. They weigh a ton. To be more precise, base weights of 9.8kg (Tanya) and 10.2kg (Neil). With 3 days of food and 5 litres of water our starting weights are going … Read More

Hot feet & rattlesnakes

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 Set off north from Campo by the Mexican border fence last Monday. It’s been a very hard 10 days! and a steep learning curve too. It’s our first experience of hiking in a desert, and its been HOT, damn hot! We’ve been told it’s been 100 degrees Fahrenheit and it … Read More

Living by the water report

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100 miles further along the trail, and enjoying a very welcome rest day at Big Bear City (mile 265 from the Mexican border). We had been in town for about 5 minutes when a lady recognised us as PCT hikers, and introduced herself as a trail angel – one of … Read More

Poodle dog and detours

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Now enjoying a rest day in the shade, at Agua Dulce (mile 454.5) on the western edge of the Mojave Desert. We’re staying with trail angels again, the Saufleys, at what they call “Hiker Heaven” – and it really is. They host up to 50 hikers in tents and trailers … Read More

Kennedy Meadows – Mile 700!

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Glad to have made it as far as Kennedy Meadows! We are now 702 miles from the Mexican border, which means we are over a quarter of the way to Canada. Nearly through with deserts, water shortages and rattle snakes (maybe), and we are about to enter the Sierra Nevada … Read More

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