Not long now …

Just 8 days to go before we hand over our house to our tenants, Graham and Phil, and so much to do!

There’s been some last minute shopping as a result of the 11th hour warm weather training – lighter everything required. Still need to figure out how to attach my umbrella to my rucksack though!

Current plan is to try out the tarptent tonight, see how easy it is to put up, and how cold it is inside, having only a mozzie-net inner.

We’ve also been playing with our SPOT device to persuade it to talk to our blog and update our position, so apologies if the PCT appears to start in Kendal.

3 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Just checked out your location..You started in Kendal and it looked as though you were on your way to Ireby fell. Looking forward to reading about your adventures. Diane n Simon 🙂

  2. andy

    Best of luck Neil and Tanya. Andy & Sally

  3. Anonymous

    Good Luck. Looking forward to reading about the trip. Mel and Sandra