I’m really happy to tell you that I have finally finished the South West Coast Path! 39 days of walking, 630 miles (1014km) distance, about 115,000 feet (35,031 m) of ascent, and I’m done. And very happy to have finished. To make it even better, my sister Roz joined me … Read More

Nearly there!

It serves me right for complaining about the weather earlier – these last few days have been scorching! At least, that was until there was a massive thunderstorm on Friday night. The weekend was much cooler and greyer, not so good for photos but actually much more pleasant for walking. … Read More

Salcombe to Seatown

What to say about this stretch of coast? There have been cliffs, busy seaside resorts, never-ending walks along sea walls, forays into the undercliff world that feels like a rainforest without the rain, the inevitable steep ascents and descents with huge numbers of steps … one thing’s for sure, the … Read More

A very soggy section

There sometimes comes a point where things kind of bottom out. The two days out of Plymouth were so utterly, spectacularly soggy that it actually cheered me up no end. The first day out started just averagely grey and miserable, but quickly turned to heavy rain. Arriving at the waiting … Read More

Mid-hike blues

Well, sometimes it’s fine and sometimes it isn’t. On the Pacific Crest Trail the halfway point felt great, we’d been hiking for ages, we had a long way to go, and despite my blisters it felt like I was living in a happy hiking bubble that would go on forever. … Read More

Half way

Well, I was planning a happy, upbeat post to this blog to do justice to the absolutely gorgeous section from St Ives to the halfway point of the South West Coast Path, at Porthallow. But just a few miles short of Porthallow, I got a message from Neil, back at … Read More

Gone soft

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. After being a stoical skinflint and camping above Boscastle last week, rather than going down for a night in the Cobweb Inn, I have given in, in the face of gale force winds today and heavy rain forecast for most of … Read More

A slow start

Well, I’ve made a start! But not off to a flying start by any means. The ankle that I sprained 18 months ago has decided, with immaculate timing, to give me some more gyp. I’ve done a few miles and it’s mostly OK, but I’m having to take it slowly … Read More

Pre-hike nerves

I hate the day before heading off on a hike! There’s so much to worry about, and every little niggly ache and pain seems to point towards some disastrous injury being on its way which will spell the end of my hike before it’s barely begun.  I’ve been through this … Read More