Planning in the spirit of optimism

Six and a half weeks to go until we set off for America, and I can’t say I ever thought I would feel this physically unprepared at this stage! I really hoped that stopping work would lead to a major improvement in the state of my back and allow me to finally do some training. Unfortunately, the first job on my list on finishing work was to re-decorate the bedroom. Yeah and painting and rollering is really good for a bad back!

Meanwhile, planning for our hike still continues. Neil has been working away on navigation, printing out maps for alternative routes in case of snow, altitude problems or shortage of time, and working out what needs to be done to get a huge number of waypoints onto our GPS. I’ve been working on our scheduling and resupply strategy – it’s looking good, we only have nine food parcels to send to ourselves while we’re on the trail, and the most food we have to carry at any one go is seven days’ worth. We’ll have some long hitch-hikes to get to towns to resupply, so we’ll just have to make ourselves look as presentable as possible, stick out our thumbs and hope that folks are as good at picking up random scruffy hikers as they were on the Pacific Crest Trail!

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