Into four figures

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Apologies for the long delay since our last posting! We’ve walked 220 miles since then, and passed the momentous (for us) 1000 mile mark. After doing the eight 11,000 foot high passes of the Sierra Nevada, we thought life would get easier north of Tuolumne Meadows, but it wasn’t to be. The footpaths got rougher, twisting and turning, ascending and descending in quick succession through more beautiful scenery. Even though we got rid of our ice axes (posting them to ourselves further along the trail as they weren’t needed), we were still carrying our 2lb 9oz bear-proof food canisters, as well as 7 days of food to start with. It was hard work keeping to our usual 20 miles a day, but we made it.

Now we are enjoying a good rest in South Lake Tahoe, posting some food resupply parcels to ourselves at addresses  further along the trail where we can’t buy food, and catching up with emails from home. We’ve also posted on our bear-proof canisters as they are no longer required by national park regulations; from now on we’ll be hanging our food from tree branches, out of reach of hungry critters (we hope).

Also enjoying the chance to eat good fresh food – although after our belly-busting experience at the all-you-can-eat buffet at Harrah’s Casino (along with several other hungry hikers) we’re looking forward to getting back on the trail, and back to our usual diet of Power Bars, tortillas and dehydrated rice meals!

Neil on Mather Pass
Neil, Collector and Knut on Muir Pass
Tanya near Sonora Pass
Unknown hiker and Oops near Sonora Pass

5 Responses

  1. Jo Stocking

    Photos look amazing! Really good progress.

  2. Anonymous

    Well done guys – the pictures look amazing!! happy trekking – Jen

    • abitofawalk

      Hi Jen
      Thanks for your comments, and thanks again for the bugshirts – absolutely brilliant! Got a feeling we're going to be using them an awful lot in the next few hundred miles, photos will follow…

  3. Unknown

    Over a third of the way! That is good progress. Is the distance as the crow flies, or does it take into account all the zig-zags?

    • abitofawalk

      It's 1000 miles of trail – a lot shorter as the crow flies!