Truly awesome

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“Awesome” is possibly the most overused and abused word in American English, but for the last week we’ve been hiking through scenery which would be hard to describe any other way!

After Neil’s comment on our last blog entry about no more rattlesnakes, it was inevitable that we had one last rattler ambush the next day, but since then we’e climbed up and out of the desert and into the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Awesome, amazing, gobsmacking – we’re loving it.

On Monday we went up Mount Whitney, at 14,505 feet the highest mountain in the U.S. outside of Alaska. On Tuesday we walked over Forester Pass, which is the highest point on the trail at 13,153 feet. Words cannot describe how great this place is, so please, enjoy the photos.

Sequoia National Park
Timberline Lake on way up Mt Whitney
Pinnacles on Mt Whitney
Summit shot at 14,505 feet
View from summit of Mt Whitney
Forester Pass
View from Kings Canyon back to Forester Pass
Bullfrog Lake

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  1. Simon White

    P.S. Enjoy Bishop – good bar/s and hot springs in the area!

  2. Simon White

    Brilliant – brings back memories of when I was on Mt Whitney (I have similiar pics!) and hiked/climbed in that area (Hiked in from Mammoth to climb Clyde Minaret). Enjoy

  3. Anonymous

    Awesome Tanya. Fantatsic views. V Jealous!! Mark D

  4. Bridget


  5. Jim Bispham

    Fantastic, Glad you are both enjoying. I can not get over the lack of snow compared with my visit in 2008. There is still plenty more views as beutiful ahead of you.

    Keep hiking!!!!!