Twin Lakes to Breckenridge

Maybe days off are better spent resting up and rehydrating, rather than dashing up mountains.

So there were some good challenging ascents and some beautiful views over the last 70 miles, but I think that after our ascent of Mount Elbert we were probably a bit too tired to fully appreciate it. Added to this, the weather has been getting pretty hot, with temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Denver – so doing steep ascents amongst trees was a pretty sweaty business, with no mountain breezes to cool us down. Once we got above treeline we cheered up immensely!

So without further ado, here are some photos from the section of trail to Breckenridge. We are now enjoying a proper lazy day off at the Bivvi Hostel, our first full day off since we were in Cuba almost four weeks ago. We’ve got some big mountains coming up on the next leg, so we want to head out of here with full reserves of energy and motivation!

Heading out of Twin Lakes
Lake, Holy Cross Wilderness
Holy Cross Wilderness
Early morning shadows on the old railway line down from Tennessee Pass
Ridge between Copper Mountain and Breckenridge
Ridge between Copper Mountain and Breckenridge
Start of long descent to Breckenridge
The Bivvi in Breckenridge

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  1. Jon
    | Reply

    Great to meet you fellow Brits, a few weeks ago, between Camp Hale and Kokomo Pass. Glad to have found your site and will be following along with your adventures. Cheers! Jon.

  2. Mark Scott
    | Reply

    I loved skiing those mountains when I lived in Colorado!

  3. Roz Savage
    | Reply

    The Bivvi looks like a great place to recharge the batteries. Hope it’s not too hard to leave!

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